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- Cid Reyes

Is Philippine Art the world’s best kept secret?

Galerya Amalia celebrates the talent and genius of the Filipino Artist with its inaugural show “BLESSINGS.”

The theme acknowledges the truth that the Filipino Artist has been truly blessed by the Divine Creator with the gifts of imagination, commitment, tenacity, and significantly, resourcefulness and inventiveness in the face of economic trials and deprivations. Redeemed by his innate sensitivity to the miracles of color and the inexhaustible wonders of the human figure and ineffable form, the Filipino Artist, emerging through the past

decades in successive generations, triumphs with every masterwork that springs from his unbounded creativity and artistry. Of whatever stature – master, established, or emerging, the Filipino Artist has found not only his voice, but moreover, a visual universe that is a joy to behold. Blessings, too, come in the form of friendships that have been forged in the smithy of a shared and common passion for art. Blessings, too, are the avid and appreciative art audience that now rewards the scene with their enthusiastic presence, attention, and moral support.


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