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- Cid Reyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” That striking thought comes from a French writer named Marcel Proust. He is famous for his book “Remembrances of Things Past.” But this gentleman who was an expert on the past and its richness of memories, has guided us as well into the mysteries of the future. While the idea of seeing with “new eyes” is not age-bound, it applies most appropriately to the youth, who have their future brightly still ahead of them.

Thus, more than being a “Year-End Show,” this is really more a “Year-Beginning.” Invited by Galerya Amalia are the following artists, namely: Arturo Arseja, Jr., Chinnich Candao, Michelle de Dios, Dennis Morante, Krizzia Purog, Elie Quial, and Nathaniel San Pedro.

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