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- Cid Reyes

“These are times that try men’s souls.” So goes the expression when people find themselves in a terrible crisis, testing the limits of the human spirit. Such a time is now – as the entire globe, in particular our country and our people, is unexpectedly caught in a terrifying pandemic that affects every aspect of our lives, from a health situation that spells the difference between life and death – and a spiralling economy, sending our countrymen into deeper poverty, into hunger and desperation.


Will the Filipino spirit endure? Will our faith in the Divine sustain our hope for the future? What now is the source of our strength?


Doing its humble share in rallying the Filipino spirit is Galerya Amalia, constant in its belief that Art can inspire and convey messages of hope with no need for speech or language. Moreover, it shares necessary space, both physical and virtual, with artists who need the essential exposure in order to reach a wider audience and gain a better appreciation of their works. Filipino artists, gifted beyond measure, born to a world of endless imagination and creativity, hold up through their art a mirror of ourselves as a people -  as we truly are: our joys and pains, our dreams and despair, our fears and fantasies – our true and  honest human condition.


No matter that as yet no light glimmers at the end of this dark tunnel, we are one in the firm belief that “This too shall pass away.”


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