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Art of The Zillinneals


A conflation of two generational labels – Millennials and Gen Z – the word Zillennial purports to be a hybrid of these two successive age groups. As astrologists have assigned common characteristics to those born under a certain zodiac sign, so have sociologists observed and studied personality attributes common to such labels as the Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, Generation X, Xennials – and closer to our time: Millennials (1981- 1996) and Generation Z (1997 or after…)

What qualities characterize these two groups?

The Millennials are said to be motivated by creative work, challenge the hierarchical status quo, have intuitive knowledge of technology, are open and adaptive to change, and have a passion for learning.

Those under Gen Z, on the other hand, are shrewd consumers, financially focused, entrepreneurial, and tend to be well-educated. More significantly, they have no memory of life before smartphones – and they grew up with the internet from day one.

But – hold it! – a shout has just been heard: “I’m a Gen Z but I want all that Millennials want, too – so don’t pigeonhole me!”

No, we won’t – so we’ll just let your art do the talking.

  -Cid Reyes

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