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Flores De Mayo


Behold the Flowers of May!

Among the beloved festivals in the Philippines is the Flores de Mayo, being part of Filipino tradition since the 1800s. A month devoted to the Virgin Mary, it is a tribute to the Mother of God, for giving rain when farmers ask for it, and the celebration expresses the farmers’ gratitude.

May is also the month that nightly holds a grand procession known as Santacruzan, commemorating the founding of the True Cross by Saint Helena, or Reyna Elena.

In celebration of May, LRI Design Plaza, in cooperation with Galerya Amalia, presents Flores de Mayo – a grand procession of artworks devoted to the theme of flowers. A universal favorite of artists down through the centuries, flowers are Mother Nature’s vessels for the most brilliant and vivid of colors. As the great French Impressionist painter Claude Monet exclaimed: I must have flowers, always, and always!

Welcome to Flores de Mayo!

- Cid Reyes

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