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Langis at Tubig

Organized by Galerya Amalia for LRI Design Plaza, “Langis at Tubig: “A Merry Mix of Mediums” is a show conceptualized by curator Arvino  “Vino” Yanuario. There is of course no escaping the fact that the title of the show will instantly bring to mind a once popular ditty sang by the country’s Megastar, Sharon Cuneta. All to the good:  the title may even prove to be a great hook for the art audience, a “click-bait” arousing curiosity and interest.


As an art exhibition, the title refers to the two major mediums: one being oil-based and the other water-based. With the proper technique applied, the two mediums may even be combined to interesting and surprising results. 

The curator has brought together some of the country’s more talented artists who are known to work in one or the other medium. With a view towards visual variety and a harmonious symphony of different subject matter, themes, styles, and technique, curator Yanuario – true to the Yuletide’s spirit of merriment - blends representational artworks with purely abstract pieces, creating a dynamic and flowing energy within the unified space of the exhibition area.

“Langis at Tubig” is itself a reflection of the concept behind LRI Design Plaza. Gathered under one roof are some of the country’s distinguished sources and suppliers of interior furnishings and home décor appointments, providing you with a convenient and accessible “One-Stop-Shop” service for all domestic or corporate spaces – everything from fittings and fixtures, equipment and furniture. 

Truly, LRI Design Plaza is also “A Merry Mix of Mediums!” 



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