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Colores De Las Mujeres


        Understanding the myth and mystery of Womanhood is, as the expression goes, like trying to catch the rainbow. Seductive and enticing are the colors of the rainbow, colors that reflect the many moods and emotions of the so-called gentler sex. Sufficient that the beauty of colors exists to delight and animate the world.

It is this theme, this concept that distills and crystalizes the show titled Colores de las Mujeres. The Colors of Women.

Myriad sparkling colors, indeed, and various styles of expression come from the hands of this group of women artists personally selected by Ms Jinky Rayos. Each of them is in pursuit of her own personal vision and direction, and reveals aspects of the artists’ individual inclinations and interests. The show is a unison of a multitude of colors, a visual chorus of Womanhood.

While the mystery of women endures, their constant presence is joy and happiness enough for mankind.

  -Cid Reyes

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